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Car Insurance

Car <span>Insurance</span>

Auto Insurance

Call us to discuss some of the tips that can lower your auto insurance premium and provide better coverage.

  1. High deductible (e.g. $1,000 instead of $500)
  2. Winter tires discount
  3. Anti-theft device discount
  4. Install telematics GPS device discount
  5. Out-of-town student discount
  6. Multi-policy (Home and Auto combined policy) discount
  7. Maintain good “Driving Record”, and “Conviction Free Record”
  8. Higher Third Party Liability Limits
  9. Other Optional additional Accident Benefits Coverage
  10. Report all drivers in the household
  11. Report rightfully the usage of the vehicle
  12. Report any special equipment, accessory, or modification of your vehicle
  13. Ask for coverage extensions like: Waiver of depreciation, Loss of Use, Accident Waiver, etc.
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